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2009, Day 10 (Saturday): The weekend went well. Picked up a 4x8 sheet of MDF board for the gaming table for Sunday's Twilight Imperium game. Later that day I picked up Jason Olson at the airport. The weather was mostly cooperating, though we did have some snow and slick roads on the way home.  Spent a couple hours parting out all the cards and minis and tiles for TI into baggies for easy/quick startup on Sunday.

2009, Day 11 (Sunday): Twilight Imperium!!  We got started around 10am (mostly) and after people picked the alien races they wanted to play and received their armies, we began constructing the galaxy. This is a time consuming process as each player places a system tile in turn, going around the table repeatedly until 4 concentric rings of system tiles are placed, with the home systems being placed last. After that, we got started. 

Typically this game takes about an hour per person, so our 7 person game was projected to last until 5 or 6 pm. At 10PM, with no clear winner in sight, we called it a night. I would estimate we were probably 2/3rds of the way through the game. Even though we didn't finish, and it took forever, I still had a really good time.  Next time, we'll try it with fewer people... probably 4 should do the trick.

2009, Day 12 (Monday): I worked from home this day, and got a fair amount done. I met with our recruiter for lunch and had a nice meal and a good time. That evening it was time for Jason's first UG talk of the week, so we loaded up and started heading down to New Horizons in Edina. After about 2 hours on the road, it became clear that the bad weather (snow and ice) had no intention of letting us arrive on time. The highways were at a complete standstill, so we decided to take side streets instead. Thanks to my GPS phone, what would have taken another hour and a half ended up taking about 15 minutes. (I <3 my phone!!!)  We actually made it there with a few minutes to spare, had a very good turnout considering the weather, Jason did a great job and we had Potbelly sandwiches at the UG (my favorite restaurant.)  After Jason's talk, we made it back with no troubles.

2009, Day 13 (Tuesday): Got up super early (5am) because Jason and I needed to be at the MSDN Developers Conference by 7am and the weather Monday night had been less than optimal. Left the house around 5:45am to head downtown. Stopped by Caribou Coffee on the way but they weren't open yet and we didn't feel like waiting. Got downtown to the Hilton with no problems, parked the Jeep and headed up to the skywalk.

One cool thing about the skywalk, it's like a whole other city hidden within downtown Minneapolis. You can get from building to building and wander around for hours, with plenty of cool places to eat, get coffee, shop, etc. Very cool. We wandered for a bit and found some coffee and then went back to the hotel and got our speaker badges.

I had some work to do, so I hung out in the speaker lounge and worked pretty much all day until it was time for my F# talk. It was away from everything else going on, so I was able to get a fair amount done. Finally, that afternoon it was time for the F# talk (the last talk of the day) so Jason and I co-presented and I think it went really well. I haven't seen any of the evals yet, but we had a good time and the audience seemed to enjoy it too.

After the talk we packed up and headed over to Fogo De Chao for dinner (stopping briefly to wander around Gameworks first while waiting on everyone else to show up.) If you've never eaten at this place, it's amazing. All You Can Eat freshly roasted Meat... on big skewers, brought to your table and sliced off right onto your plate. It's so awesome. (Thanks Jeff & MSFT for dinner!!)

After dinner, Jason and I road over to St. Paul and met up with Rocky at The Source. This is a pretty awesome game and comic store that I go to once in a while and wanted to show Jason. I picked up a couple things and wandered around until closing (9pm) and then we headed back home.

2009, Day 14 (Wednesday): Today was another work from home day. I went out briefly for lunch with one of the Magenic Sales guys and then came back home to work some more. The weather was pretty decent, but it was incredibly cold today. This afternoon we headed back to Golden Valley and Jason spoke about M and Oslo at Jason Bock's Twin Cities Languages User Group. I went out to do a few things and then picked Jason up afterwards, heading back home to do some more work. The night got progressively colder... as of this writing it is -21.2F (yes that's NEGATIVE 21.2 fahrenheit) and with the windchill it's -42F. Forty Two BELOW Zero... OMG.

Needless to say I won't be leaving my house unless absolutely necessary tomorrow, until the XNA user group tomorrow evening. I'll let you know how it goes. Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2009 1:12 AM | Back to top

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