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I am very excited to announce the Community Megaphone Podcast.  It is a new podcast hosted by myself and G. Andrew Duthie (aka devhammer) that focuses on community as well as technology.  The guests will be developers and speakers that you would find at your local user group or code camp.  Our hope is that this podcast will help you, as a developer, to learn more about speakers in your area and encourage you to visit your local user groups or code camps.  The podcast is part of Community Megaphone and is a site dedicated to making it easier for software developers and IT professionals to promote and discover local community events.  Community events are a huge help to many developers and we want to give you another resource to help you find the community events that will help you the most.

The podcast audio and rss links can be found at the Community Megaphone site as well as the podcast site:  If you have any questions or comments or would like to recommend a guest, fill out the contact form on the podcast website.

The guest for our first show is Kevin Griffin.  Kevin is a .NET Developer for Antech Systems, located in Chesapeake, VA. He’s the leader of the Hampton Roads .NET Users Group. Often, he can be found speaking at or attending other local user group meetings or code camps. He enjoys working with new technology, and consistently works on being a better developer and building the best software he can.

Kevin's blog is and he can be found on twitter @1kevgriff.

Check it out and make sure you get to your next community event.

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