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Wow, I am in 7th heaven, foaming at the mouth.  My friendly UPS guy brought me the best present today, Code Complete 2.  Sweet, I am delightfully cruising through Coder to Developer, kinda like a delicious dish that you don't want to eat too quickly, savoring the pages, and now next in the que will be CC2.  Can things get any better?  I am definitely impressed with Coder to Developer so far, but not at all surprised.  Mike Gunderloy is pretty much awesome. I have a couple MCAD books with his name on the spine that have taught me mounds and mounds of good stuff.  I don't quite have the time to devote to the exams right now, buy I still learned plenty form Mike.  Posted on Thursday, July 22, 2004 11:42 AM | Back to top

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