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Last I heard, there were something like 50% of the VB developers out there that were still using VB6 and writing and maintaingn VB6 code.  Based on the feedback and uproar of the developer community over the discontinuation of the VB6 support by Microsoft, there are still TONS of folks out there in VB6 land (present company included).  Face it there are thousands of companies out there with lots of time and money invested in millions of lines of VB6 code.  Can they upgrade it all over night and move on? NO WAY, but it never hurts to stay up to date and on top of things when it comes to development and languages and upgrades.  From what I hear and see ( I am using 2003 for quite a few projects, and am currently developing a few soon to be production apps in 2005) the jump to .net just got even easier with Visual Studio and Visual Basic 2005.  If you need to start or continue on the path to .net, NOW IS THE TIME!!!  There are tons of resources, free ebooks, blogs, classes, seminars, podcasts and webcasts that will help you make the move.

MSDN has a great new roadshow out touring the country, the Methods and Masters Visual Basic Migration Roadshow.  From the MSDN page: 

Are you a Visual Basic 6.0 developer? Are you creating the same kind of tired applications that you have been building for the last 5-10 years? If so, its time for you to experience first hand what the latest advances in Visual Basic 2005 have in store for you. Whether you need to build Windows applications, Web applicatiVB6ons, Pocket PC or SmartPhone applications, or applications that exploit the functionality that exists in Microsoft Office, today’s Visual Basic does it all.

What can you learn about Visual Basic 2005 in three hours? How about creating smart client applications that understand when they’re connected to the network and when they’re not? How about deploying these smart clients with just a click of your mouse? That’s just the beginning. You’ll get powerful lessons from Brian Randell, a master Visual Basic developer.

There are still a few dates left, so check it out!  I’ll be at the Boston one for sure. 

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