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There’s something quaint and charming about Yankee Magazine.  It’s about as New England as a magazine can get.  Whenever I pick up a copy, I feel like I am taking a trip thru time.  With all the colonial era sights and sounds of New England, hayrides, ice fishing events, tall ships converging on an old port town like Mystic or Newport, and everything else old, classic, and New England in general, I can’t believe what I found.

On the Yankee Magazine website, they have listings for podcasts, online maps, and get this Fall Foliage RSS feeds.  Check it out for yourself!  I am having a hard time with this.  The geek in me is foaming at the mouth, but the New England Leaf Peeper in me was just fine with  cellular-less, pager-less weekends of old stone walls, maple sugar candy, quaint town greens, 200+ year old churches and tons of town, county, and fire department fairs and festivals.  How can a techie thing like RSS feeds possibly fit in here?  I dunno. 

I subscribed, but I think I might have felt a little something special fizzle away inside me as I did. 

Is there room for things like podcasts and RSS feeds in the realm of that awesome, magical time of year in one of the oldest, most classic and colonial places in America?  I guess time will tell. Posted on Sunday, August 28, 2005 7:47 PM | Back to top

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