June 2009 Entries

SSAS: Executing Arbitrary SQL queries
I had a question a little while ago via my blog about possibly using a rowset action to execute a SQL query against a specified table. Although a rowset action will allow you to enter a SQL query, such a query is still executed against the current cube and only the subset of SQL supported by SSAS can be used. Basically the rowset action just returns a flattened result set. However what would be possible would be to write a .Net stored procedure and use that to execute your SQL query. The code itself ......

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SSAS: Powershell to replace a group member in a role
There was a question in the SSAS forum recently on how to replace one group name with another within the membership of a number of SSAS roles in a number of databases. While you could possibly do this with XMLA it would be tricky as you have to re-submit the whole membership list, you can't just add/remove single members. The easiest way to do this is to write something using the AMO library and in my opinion the easiest way to write a script for AMO is using Powershell. Below is my short script ......

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A fix for the PerformancePoint 2007 Scorecard font issue
The Dashboard Designer in PerformancePoint Server 2007 gives you the ability to set a number of the properties for the font of a given column in a scorecard including the font-family and the font-size. You can see these settings change in the designer and you can preview the scorecard and see how your scorecard will look when it is deployed. I changed the font in the screenshot above to Wingdings so that you could easily see the difference. In practice this is probably not a typical change, but you ......

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