February 2019 Entries

DAX Studio Parameters Dialog
I recently updated the documentation on daxstudio.org to include a page on the Parameter Support, but I thought this might also benefit from a longer explanation. It may surprise some people to hear this, but the DAX language has supported parameters in queries since it was first released. However while you can use parameters in a DAX query you cannot easily test parameterized DAX by supply the parameter values as variables like you can in T-SQL. In DAX the parameters are sent in a separate part ......

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Power BI – Fixing Dates from Sharepoint Lists (converting UTC Dates to Local Dates)
So the problem below was in relation to working with dates from a Sharepoint 2013 List, but the same technique should be applicable any time you want to convert UTC/GMT datetime fields to a local time. When Sharepoint exposes datetime values from lists using its REST API it converts them to the UTC timezone. I suppose a lot of the time this makes sense, specially if you are dealing with data entry across multiple time zones. But if you are just working in a single timezone this can be frustrating ......

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