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LINQ to QuickBooks Data

LINQ provides general-purpose query facilities in .NET Framework 3.0 and above and provides one easy way to programmatically access data through from CData Data Providers for ADO.NET. This example uses LINQ to access information from the QuickBooks Data Provider.

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Tutorial: Access Salesforce Leads in SharePoint through an External List
You can use the CData Cloud Driver for Salesforce to give your users the capabilities to access and update Salesforce data in SharePoint. This article shows how to create an external list of Salesforce data that is always up to date. You will use an external content type as a template for the external list. The external content type enables connectivity over Web services, the protocol that cloud driver uses to provide access to live Salesforce data.Note that this tutorial applies to any of our data ......

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Creating Master-Detail Screens in LightSwitch
LightSwitch provides support for using relationships between tables in a data source. However, QuickBooks does not natively expose relationships that can be used in LightSwitch. This article will walk you through the steps to set up a LightSwitch master-detail screen using simple queries.Connect to QuickBooksIf you are connecting to QuickBooks Desktop edition, use the included Remote Connector application. You can use the Remote Connector to connect to local and remote instances of QuickBooks. The ......

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Using the CData Data Providers with the DevExpress Data Grid
The CData ADO.NET providers are standards-based libraries that can be used with various third-party components and tools. You can use the DevExpress controls with any of the CData providers to visualize data from a wide variety of sources.In this article, you will use the Salesforce provider to databind to the DevExpress Windows Forms and Web controls. The standard ADO.NET process for databinding can be followed to enable bidirectional access to live data from UI controls. This article shows how ......

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Integrate Apps with Gmail (.NET or Java).
Use the CData Google ADO.NET Provider or JDBC Driver to read and search email messages on your Gmail accounts.The CData Google Data Provider for ADO.NET allows you to use the search capabilities in IMAP to query your Gmail account. This article will explore how to execute your own custom queries from your application. We will use the CData Google Data Provider along with the Google Email demo to execute custom queries on a Gmail account.Step 1: Navigate to the \demos - winform\googlemail\ folder ......

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Connect to QuickBooks Data from PowerBuilder using CData ADO.NET Data Provider
The CData ADO.NET providers are easy-to-use, standards-based controls that can be used from any platform or development technology that supports Microsoft .NET, including Sybase PowerBuilder. This article shows how to use the CData ADO.NET Provider for QuickBooks in PowerBuilder.This article shows how to use the CData ADO.NET Provider for QuickBooks to create a basic PowerBuilder application that performs CRUD operations (create, read, update, and delete).In a new WPF Window Application solution, ......

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Databind Charts to Salesforce Data
Databinding enables bidirectional access to data from UI controls. You can use the CData ADO.NET Provider for Salesforce to easily databind Salesforce data to Windows Forms and Web controls in Visual Studio. This article shows how to use wizards to databind Salesforce data to a chart that reflects any changes. The code walk-through section shows how to create the same chart in 10 lines of code.Databind to a ChartDatabinding consists of three steps: Instantiate the control, configure the data source, ......

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