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Using MSBuild to publish a VS 2012 SSDT .sqlproj database project the same way as a VS 2010 .dbproj database project (using command line arguments to specify the database to publish to)
Post and code updated on March 21, 2013, and again on March 22, 2013. We recently upgraded from VS (Visual Studio) 2010 to VS 2012, and with it had to upgrade our .dbproj database project to a .sqlproj. When making the switch I realized that .sqlproj database projects do not support specifying the database to deploy to as MSBuild command line arguments; instead you have to pass in the path to an xml file that has the necessary information. So with the old .dbproj database project, you could deploy ......

Posted On Monday, March 18, 2013 3:55 PM

Force your ClickOnce app to update without prompting user – Now on NuGet!
A while ago I blogged about a powershell script I made that would automatically update your ClickOnce project file’s Minimum Required Version to the latest version of your application so that users would not be presented with the “There is an update for this application. Do you want to install it?” prompt; instead the application would just automatically download and install the update. This is nice because it’s one less prompt the end-user has to see, and from a security standpoint it means that ......

Posted On Friday, March 8, 2013 2:29 PM

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