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I've known about Channel 9 for quite some time, but a colleague of mine just shared the Going Deep section of it with me today. Here is a short description of what it is:

“Charles Torre travels around Microsoft to meet the company’s leading Architects and Engineers to discuss the inner workings of our core technologies. Going Deep is primarily concerned with how things work, why they are designed the way they are, and how they will evolve over time.“

Check out the current line-up of videos it offers:

  • Arun Kishan - Process Management in Windows Vista 
  • Programming in the Age of Concurrency: Software Transactional Memory
  • Programming in the Age of Concurrency: The Accelerator Project
  • Singularity IV: Return of the UI
  • Singularity III: Revenge of the SIP  
  • Doron Holan - Kernel Mode Driver Framework
  • Barry Bond: Emulation, Emulation, Emulation
  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.
  • CCR Programming - Jeffrey Richter and George Chrysanthakopoulos
  • 'SQL Everywhere Edition' - What. How. Why.
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework: What. How. Why. 
  • Rob Relyea - There's Something About XAML 
  • Diving into the Vista Heap
  • InfoCard - Deep Architecture
  • Louis Lafreniere - VC++ backend compiler 
  • Greg Schechter: Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) Architecture
  • Jim Hogg: Phoenix Framework
  • Windows Shell Architecture 
  • Going Deep: Richard Ward - Engineering security into Windows Vista
  • Oughtness, Isness and the world of systems management
  • WPF Imaging
  • Virtualization 
  • Eugene Lin and Jason Cobb - Windows Plug and Play
  • Rob Short (and kernel team) - Going deep inside Windows Vista's kernel architecture
  • Vista Audio Stack and API
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime
  • Surendra Verma: Vista Transactional File System
  • Singularity Revisited
  • Landy Wang - Windows Memory Manager
  • Windows, NT Object Manager
  • Singularity: A research OS written in C#
  • Chris Anderson - Talking shop about Avalon
  • Nar Ganapathy - Windows, the IO Manager and Driver Model, Part II
  • Nar Ganapathy - Windows, the IO Manager and Driver Model , Part I
  • Windows, NT Cache Manager - Molly Brown - Part II
  • Windows, NT Cache Manager - Molly Brown 
  • Windows, Part IV - Dave Probert
  • Windows, Part III - Dave Probert
  • Windows, Part II - Dave Probert
  • Windows, Part I - Dave Probert
  • Neal Christiansen - Inside File System Filter, part II
  • Neal Christiansen - Inside File System Filter, part I

I've got a whole lot of viewing time ahead of me.

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