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For those of you who have multiple computers sitting at your desk like me, you probably know the fun of having two (or more) keyboards and two (or more) mice cluttering up your desk, or maybe you use a KVM to switch control between machines, which is not really ideal either.

A friend pointed to me Synergy ( which is a great utility to solve this problem.  Basically its a little client/server app that runs in the system tray and allows you to share a single mouse and keyboard across multiple computers.  You simply configure Synergy to tell it the order of your screens (COMP1 is to the right of COMP2, etc), and when you run your mouse from left to right, Synergy automatically and seamlessly transfers the active mouse from one computer to the next once it reaches the edge of the configured computers screen.

It also supports copy/paste from one machine to another and even is cross platform, so you can have clients running on Windows, Unix or Mac, all sharing a single keyobard and mouse.

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