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A blog that provides details but not a solution which compiles and installs is not very helpful as there is just too much going on and assumptions about the knowledge of the reader are impossible to make! I have tried to follow many step by step tutorials and had the final product fail because of missing steps or my understanding of the steps!

If you add this solution, you must activate the feature stapler at the site collection level prior to creating a new site.  If you create a new site collection with this solution this step is unnecessary.  The solution provided is not exactly the same as described in the blog entries Part 2 - part 4.  But is close enough to validate the methodology.  I have had a few tell me that I could have added the web parts and lists in the onet.xml file:  I know!  But I have had problems with this file in the past and have decided that using code to add the web parts and lists as features is better and in my opinion easier than with xml in onet.xml.  Code gives me access to intellesence and I feel comfortable in code and in terror of all the xml that can crash an installation!!!!

The code for this series of articles can be downloaded here:

ABCSite DownLoad

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