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If Book Publishers Were Smart...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 6:27 AM

So while investigating some AJAX/File Uploading goodness, I came accross Pete Freitag's blog. I noticed on his side panel, along with his blog categories, links to what he's reading, etc., he has an item called "Get Your Goodies" and underneath is a picture of some chocolate donuts with some heavenly whipped-cream looking substance on top, and some logo called FusionKit. Immediately I think to myself "Well, this must be some interesting little NY bakery that all the kewl geeks go to for their mid-day sugar fix! I wonder what they're site looks like? Do they do mail order?" My digestive tract was all abuzz...

I clicked the link, and waited with anticipation...only to be devestated when I realize that Fusion Kit is a collection of web 2.0 components for Cold Fusion. Does anyone USE Cold Fusion here in 2007?!

But this got me thinking...if I went for the food-click so quickly, so would other geeks. And what if you were in a bookstore? Seriously, you walk to the computer section and you see three books on AJAX.

One cover has a Zebra or some other animal drawing that looks like something out of a 1756 explorer's notebook.

One has a picture of some rare tool (I'm talking about a hardware tool, not an authors picture you cynical jerks ;) ).

One has a picture of moist, frosted cupcakes oozing some sort of cream-cheese icing over the chocolate frosting peaks.

Now, which one are YOU going to look at first? If you're like any other slightly-larger geek out there, you're going to b-line it for the cupcakes aren't you? Yes you are...don't deny it!

So why don't publishers realize that hey, if they'll get in trouble plastering semi-naked pictures of Morgan Webb on book covers, why not go to the next thing down on the list of must-have's for geek types (ok...they'll get in trouble ripping off screenshots of WoW as well...move on to the THIRD thing on the list) and push the pr0n that is high calorie/high sugar food!? I guarantee that they'll sell more books...GUARANTEE IT!



# re: If Book Publishers Were Smart...

Hi D'Arcy, thanks for the mention of my fusionKit, and blog.

You are correct that the goodies do attract geek's attention, or at least mine...

As for your question "Does anyone USE Cold Fusion here in 2007?!" - The answer is YES. Probably not as many developers as ASP.NET, but ColdFusion still has a very strong community, and Adobe just released version 8 last week, and there are other vendors making CF servers, including an open source option.
8/7/2007 7:18 AM | Pete Freitag

# re: If Book Publishers Were Smart...

Interesting thoughts. I included them in a post on my blog at ckwebb.com 8/7/2007 10:33 AM | Chris Webb

# re: If Book Publishers Were Smart...

It's an interesting idea. The problem that immediately jumps out at me is that all you would initially be able to see would be 3 book ends.

So, the better solution seems to be your suggestion coupled with an interesting title. From the descriptions of the book covers you gave, I can infer that the titles of the two other books would be along the lines of:

AJAX Cookbook

Designing and Developing AJAX Enabled WebSites Using Microsoft .NET Framework

So, for the cream cake cover, we need to think of a suitable title. Everything that springs to my mind involves the term 'Creamy-goodness' and problem wouldn't be approved for anything other than the top shelf.

Alternatively, you could make the hard cover out of chocolate. This has a double benefit in that a customer would likely want to hold it in their hands for longer to experience the melting onto the fingers, they might also be guilted into buying the book afterwards because of the damage they caused (probaby couple with the big bite mark taken out of the corner).


8/7/2007 10:28 PM | Carl

# re: If Book Publishers Were Smart...

Your comment on this book thing reminded me of a different topic: why the Wrox books always feature a bunch of totally homely looking dudes. That is why you and I need to write our own Wrox book to break the streak. Then we can feature a half-naked Morgan Webb on the inside cover (although I don't know who in their right mind likes white chicks anyway! ;) ) 8/8/2007 7:05 AM | Justice~!

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