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Bill Gates Harvard Commencement Speech 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007 4:42 AM

Bill Gates gave the commencement speech for Harvard this year, and it's fantastic! He speaks about how important it is for the brightest minds of today to be utilized in fixing the biggest problems we have today, and not just as more tools to further the capitalistic juggernaut (that's my interpretation, not necessarily Gates' opinion).

If Gates was just the big Microsoft guy, this would all sound hypocritical; but he's not. He's poured insane amounts of his own money into charity work, and although nobody can doubt the impact that he's had on the IT world, I agree with Derek Hatchard that the history books will (and should) remember him as a man with huge amounts of money that used it to better the world and make a difference beyond his corporate achievements.

You can read the entire speech here.

You can read Derek Hatchard's thoughts on the speech here.



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