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8 Months with my Treo 700wx

Monday, August 20, 2007 4:20 PM

I've now had my Treo 700wx for about 8 months, and as I near the final 4 months of my one year contract with my cell provider I'm starting to assess whether this is my long-term phone device or not.

The device itself is very good: the screen works well, I love that I can read my email in a large screen, and mobile web pages look great on it (now I can have my FaceBook addiction fulfilled wherever I have a connection!). Sending messages or writing emails on the keyboard is tres-easy too!

But it should be first and foremost a good phone, and that's where the Treo fails. At first I thought it was a minor inconvenience, but the fact that the speaker doesn't work all the time is HORRIBLE for a mobile phone device. That's right: sometimes I'll call someone and they won't be able to hear me. If its my wife, she knows that its more than likely me and calls me back. But otherwise, it's a pain in the ass. I want a phone that's a GREAT phone, not a sub-par one.

The other tell-tale sign that a device isn't working out is whether you NEED to have it with you, or if its a nice-to-have. For me, I tend to leave my Treo at home when going out because its so big and bulky. I'm realizing how awesome having a smaller form factor phone is for just taking with you.

So right now I'm debating between the HTC S720 or the Moto Q as my upcoming phone replacement. Anyone have experiences (good or bad) with either of these? I'm leaning more towards the HTC S720 because its running Mobile 6 and it has a slightly more slender form factor than the Q.

But sorry Palm, this will definitely be my last device I buy from you.

Edit: Apparantly Telus will be getting a couple of new HTC phones in September. Unfortunately, neither of them really blow me away...they don't have any actual pictures either, and neither model is on the HTC site.



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Get an iPhone clone!


8/21/2007 12:08 AM | Shaneo

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