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Community 2.0

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 5:07 PM

I've been mentioning the idea of Community 2.0 with my colleagues and peers over the last few months, and a recent discussion of it prompted me to write this post to bring the reality of the community landscape to full focus.

Community 2.0, for me, is the emergence of the next generation of influencers in our industry. It’s more than just the changing of the guard, it’s the revitalization of the developer community back to the grass-roots movements that spawned the user group initiative, INETA, and even to a certain level MSDN Canada and how it operates today.

Community 1.0 did a huge amount of the legwork, and we’ve reaped the rewards. But we as the inheriting generation still have issues to face and overcome: how bureaucracy in governing organizations have rendered them unresponsive and awkward to work with, how associating with Microsoft (in Canada at least) has resulted in lazy reliance instead of a partnership, and how local speaker pools have stagnated or deteriorated.

But what does it take for Community 2.0 to finish the current sprint its on and move into the next iteration? It's going to take those in the community to step up and accept their roles as influencers. It means taking on the passion and desire for community that the Community 1.0 people had. It means challenging ourselves to be better developers, and realizing that community must be part of that strategy.

"Leaders lead" is what someone told me once. You don't just inherit leadership or wait for someone to grant you a title. You just do it. You want to make a difference in the community? Don't wait for permission...start that new user group, organize a code camp or a dev house event, post web casts and blogs entries, speak at community events, volunteer with local community initiatives...just do.

There are winds of change coming, make no mistake...but they're for the better of the industry, the community, and those that will form Community 3.0 down the road.



# re: Community 2.0

excellent post D... now let's cross that finish line. 8/22/2007 3:46 AM | Blogus Maximus

# re: Community 2.0

I like this idea bro! When will this splinter into Community 2.0 in the black and white and the Community 2.5 in the black and red? 8/22/2007 5:05 AM | Justice~!

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