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The Case of the Mysterious !'s

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 3:03 AM

I'm tweaking an existing ASP web application (yes, ASP...not ASP.NET...), and I'm running into some odd behavior...

The existing code is using Persits ASPEmail to create an email with an HTML body. The code itself is fine, the html looks proper. However, when you open the email in either Outlook (2007) or GMail, there are a few places where things get garbled...characters from the markup appear when they shouldn't. To look at the code, there's nothign there suggesting anything. But to look at the source from the sent emails, something devious appears.


No...literally !. There are a couple of exclamation marks that appear. If you remove them, copy the HTML into a file and open it in IE, the HTML renders exactly as expected! So somewhere along the way, either in the ASPEmail object or something else, there's some weirdness going on.



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