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Fun With BLOBS and Oracle SP's Continued

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 9:32 AM

So we continue trying to get large file values into BLOB fields within ORACLE. Now, some of you may be saying "Hey, why don't you just use the System.Data.Oracle client in .NET, or the Oracle data provider and be done with it?"

The problem is that we're utilizing CSLA, which exposes non-Oracle specific DBTypes...which means we don't have access to creating an Oracle BLOB parameter type.

A co-worker found the solution though for putting in the value as part of a straight SQL call using parameters, without having to utilize the Oracle provider.

We simply add a parameter to our command object specifying the type as


This will fire off the SQL and pass in the bloberific data, carrying it to its happy home in the database until someone decides they want to view it.



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