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This May Get Me Killed...But What's So Great About Leopard?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 6:21 AM

Apple is now taking pre-orders for OS X Leopard, the newest version of their operating system to be released October 26th. They have a page set up showing the over 300 features that are new to the OS (which you can browse here), and I was looking for something that would say "Yes, I need to pay the extra $170 (USD) for the upgrade!"...but I didn't see anything.

Arguably the biggest feature to come with Leopard is the production version of Boot Camp...which many have already been using with the existing OS X without major problems for a while now. Although Boot Camp is a tremendous feature, applications like Parallels don't make it the "must have" feature anymore (I'd rather play in both environments at the same time than have to boot into a specific OS).

The DashCode IDE is intriguing and a nice addition...although whether it would be something I'd actually use I'm not sure.

The desktop now has stacking available...which, for Windows users, has been a feature around for quite some time.

Finder looks to have a more Windows Explorer type of interface (notice a trend here?), which is a welcome change! However, I've been recommended by some Macphiles a few different Finder-replacements that work well...and potentially better than this new version of Finder.

System Font Protection: Never worry about accidentally deleting a system font...seriously...is this actually considered a "feature"?!

iCal looks to have some nice improvements...for all 20 people who actually use iCal out there.

iChat seems to be one area with the most amount of new features, and I know how good the chat program is...unfortunately, I rarely use it so again: not really a feature I'd crazy care about. For those that do though, definately some good stuff there I would think.

Finally we have Polish localization!

Mail has some new features. What would have been great is if they would have integrated Mail with iCal to create iOutlookClone. Otherwise, it seems a little silly to have two sets of what are typically related-types of information (communications and scheduling) in seperate applications.

Printer Support is listed as a "feature", but its one already existing in the current version of OS X. Unless they mean a NEW list of 2000 printers that are now supported...which hopefully are going to be supported in current versions of OS X. How funny would that be: "Which printer? Oh sorry, you need Leopard to run that."

Quick Look - Vista has that doesn't it?

Safari has new features...unfortunately, Safari is the WORST browser I've EVER used (yes, worse than IE 6). Sorry, but when a browser crashes loading up a Flash application, there are issues.

There are 6 new screen savers...oooo.

Security has some newlly added features, one of which I thought was very interesting:


Enjoy a higher level of protection. Sandboxing prevents hackers from hijacking applications to run their own code by making sure applications only do what they’re intended to do. It restricts an application’s file access, network access, and ability to launch other applications. Many Leopard applications — such as Bonjour, Quick Look, and the Spotlight indexer — are sandboxed so hackers can’t exploit them."

WOAH WOAH WOAH! Hackers?! But that kid on the commercials said that I wouldn't have to WORRY about things like virusses and hackers getting into my machine and running amok! Mmmhmm...

Spaces is basically the idea of multiple desktops, which Linux has had as part of their distributions for years (I remember it in a version of Red Hat back in 2000).

Of course, Time Machine is the other big feature set of the new release and it is a welcome addition. The ability to just take a snapshot and not have to worry about burning/backing up files to removable media is a welcome addition. In fact, the question you should really ask if you're thinking of upgrading is "Is ease of backing up my system worth $170 (USD)?", because ultimately this is the *must have* feature out of all 300 + new features.

So will I get it? Because of the amount of pictures we have and my iTunes music library, I think the Time Machine feature is worth the price tag. But make no mistake: this isn't a brand new version of the OS...its basically a service pack that has some interesting bells and whistles.

Ok...I'm done...now let the flaming begin!




# re: This May Get Me Killed...But What's So Great About Leopard?

Complete agreement on all points (although I think more than a few use iCal), however, I ordered my copy anyway... (yes, I've become an iSheep) 10/16/2007 8:45 AM | Kent Sharkey

# re: This May Get Me Killed...But What's So Great About Leopard?

I agree about Time Machine, as you know!

I'm curious to know what Finder "replacements" you're using. Care to share? 10/16/2007 11:20 AM | Justice~!

# re: This May Get Me Killed...But What's So Great About Leopard?

I agree, its still gotta be better then vista! 4/1/2008 2:13 AM | cute vids

# re: This May Get Me Killed...But What's So Great About Leopard?

Yeah, now do Vista! 6/5/2008 8:23 PM | Brik

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