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30 Day Blitz - Value Based Development

Saturday, October 27, 2007 5:15 AM

Aaron Erikson (who knocked it out of the park with Indexed Linq this morning btw) from Magenic posted a while back (just found it recently) about the 30-Day-Blitz idea. He references an article by Michael Hugos which is also a great read.

I worked at a place that preached this type of idea: that you need to provide value to the customer early and often...that the value of what you provide can't be determined through a Gantt chart, but through practical, visible, tangible product that can provide value immediately. From my experience, basing a schedule around set iterations and utilizing feature driven development is an excellent way to ensure that the client (who needs to work alongside and has to determine priority of features to ensure what they see as valuable is delivered earlier) sees that they aren't just throwing money to consultants for some future promise of a working system.


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