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Twin Cities Code Camp - Presentation and Event Overall

Saturday, October 27, 2007 6:20 PM

I think my talk on "ASP.NET - Preparing for the Presentation" went really well. We had some great discussion, and the audience was amazing...thanks to all those that came!

The quote of the session had to be this one gentleman who stated at one point..."The roads are lined with the corpses of Winform applications..." I can't remember the rest, but it was awesome!

The code camp was excellent in general! The speakers were taken care of very well, the venue was excellent, the breakfast and lunch was outstanding, and the sponsors really came through with prizes.

Thanks to Jason and his team for organizing a great event! We're planning on doing our own code camp in Winnipeg and I picked up some great pointers on this trip!

So afterwards we headed out for a little after-code camp party at a local sports bar. Saturday is College Football day in the states, and today there was a game between Nebraska and Texas (Longhorns). I kid you not, there was an actual band with tuba, trumpet, drums, etc IN the place who kept playing little fight songs for Nebraska, to which a large portion of the restaurant would chime in on the "Go Big Red" part. Classic.

Of course, this meant only one thing: I would HAVE to start loudly cheering for Texas, who did win the game. I mentioned "Go Texas" to one Nebraska fan leaving the bar, and I got a dirty look. Ha! Good times.

Ok...it's 1:14 and I'm wasted...been a great day, but there's NFL action to happen tomorrow yet (!!!)! I leave you with some pics from the code camp!

These are some pics of the speaker room that we had available. Lou Vega came down and it was a good thing since Rocky unfortunately came down with the flu. Lou prepped something on the spot and was good to go!

SV101916 SV101920 

Wrap up and prizes.

SV101925 SV101926 SV101929


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