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30 Days of Night Review

Saturday, October 27, 2007 6:23 PM

Chris and I went out for a movie tonight; we saw 30 Days of Night. It was a pretty good vampire flick...it was definately survival horror but instead of mindless zombies you had intelligent vampires to contend with. You sorta could see what was going to happen...but it was a fun ride regardless.

There was also a preview for some movies...one that looked great and one that looked SO DUMB. The great: a Grudge-like movie about phantom calls you get on your cell phone...but its you dying...and then you mysteriously die. It actually looked pretty freaky. The dumb: ANOTHER movie about technology that is so far fetched, yet it'll have some people thinking this sort of thing could happen. Basically its a greatest hacker who likes to kill people story, and its not feesible right from the start.

The premise is that there's a guy who sets up someone to die, and broadcasts it on the internet. The more people that log on to the site to watch the execution, the faster the poison drip injects into the victim, thus making the entire internet audience accomplice to murder. So anyway, this ends up getting personal between the hacker and Diane Lane, who plays the lead FBI agent on the case. The preview shows this guy hacking her car (NOT LIKELY), totally hiding his location and IP address beyond ANY possible extension (sorry, but if the CIA can pick up a word on cell phones in Europe, like in the bourne identity, I'm sure we can make a stretch here that the FBI will have resources to track an IP address down, even if it's going through proxy servers). I just cringed at the preview...horrible horrible.



# re: 30 Days of Night Review

let's not overlook the obvious flaw that if ordinary people can hit the website, then obviously we can figure out it's IP, and the host, etc... that one was just dumb. 10/27/2007 6:35 PM | Chris G. Williams

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