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Live Blogging Build Keynotes

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 10:51 AM

We're 10 minutes away from the Build keynote, and I'm going to be live blogging the event. Now, to be clear, you shouldn't just read this - I mean, the keynotes are streaming live online. But I want to
capture my thoughts on the announcements as they happen. So without further ado, let's start!

And we're done! Great keynote, lots of content! However, we still don't have our schedule! LOL...off for lunch.

11:16 - The path to RTM: Beta, RC, RTM, GA - Driven by quality and not a date, I'm ok with that.

11:11 - Ha! College interns wrote all the sample apps. Great internship for those students!

10:57 - Now doing cloud services demos (although it sounds like its going to be Windows Live focussed). (10 min later) Yup, consumer focussed. Live APIs available though, which is nice.

10:45 - ISO mounting now built into the OS! Fantastic! Better multiple-monitor support too - backgrounds stretch across both monitors now, new ways to manage your windows. No changes for keyboard use - shortcuts are still there, great full use of keyboard and mouse in touch-first apps too.

10:41 - Going over the "professional" story. New task manager (which is actually functional!), remoting, and - oh hello, Hyper-V running on a Windows 8 machine! Nice! No mention of a "server" sku though, this is still on the Win Dev Preview.

10:31 - Just announced that attendees get the tablets. Fantastic! Also included is the AT&T 3G included for 1 year (I bet that doesn't apply for Canadians though). Looking forward to playing with this!

10:19 - You can get the Windows 8 Developer Preview later tonight: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/09/13/welcome-to-windows-8-the-developer-preview.aspx

10:09 - WOW! Boot speed demo was insanely impressive! Practically button-on bootup, very fast!

10:02 - Silverlight demo, and developing it for Windows 8 was very easy - native grid controls for Win 8 too. If you're a WP7 developer, this story looks very familiar. Interesting to note that the demo was a *silverlight* app and not a *WPF* app.

9:58 - Fantastic - Win 32 apps can be listed in the Win 8 marketplace, but they don't need to be sold *through* the marketplace.

9:54 - OMG, the certification notifications for submitting apps to the Windows 8 app store is fantastic! Much improved from the WP7 app store!

9:47 - Big announcement is that Expression Blend will now support HTML 5, which is a smart move by Microsoft to make Blend a relevant tool beyond the Silverlight crowd.

9:40 - Our first live demo. VS.NET 2011 Express being shown (new tool). They're showing HTML/CSS based metro app, and just mentioned the new "app package" model (which if you're familiar with WP7 development should be very familiar to you)

9:35 - Ok, now we're talking about platform and tools, and how to build applications. Fantastic announcement that C, C++, C#, VB, and XAML are still all in Windows 8. .NET alive and well, rumours of death are greatly exaggerated! HTML/CSS also up there too.

9:32 - User experience demo done, pretty good. My focus switched to this article by Mary-Jo Foley though and what we know and what we don't - http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/microsofts-windows-8-heres-what-we-now-know-and-dont/10608

9:19 - Great demos of how easy the touch interface is to use. Docking, app interaction, re-arranging.

9:15 - Log in demo - very kewl new login screen called "Picture Password", based on key presses and gestures.

9:13 - Great performance gains in Windows 8 - drops memory consumption to half that of Win7

9:07 - 2 important elements of Windows 8 - Everything that runs on a Windows 7 PC will run on the Windows 8 platform - repeat after me: .NET ISN'T DEAD! Second element - Reimagine Windows from chipset to experience.Mouse/Keyboard isn't going away, but new interfaces are being introduced.

9:02 - Steven Sinofsky speaking on Windows 7. Almost 450,000,000 copies sold.

8:57 - Nice intro video about Windows 8, meant to illicit warm/fuzzies. The Grandmother scenario is mentioned (i.e. Its so easy my grandmother can use it). That bit about seeing the video of your kids when you boot up - I actually totally get that.

We're 8 minutes out!
We're 9 minutes out!


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