We learned a lot about BOF session, all went great as far a I know. Some only had a few people and others had over 100. What is the most amazing is having hundreds of people staying until after midnight in some cases and still full of energy and excitement!

I appreciate all the hosts and hope that INETA can do something similar at future conferences.

Some of the feedback / lessons:

- Get the session details on the conference mini-guide.
- While some things changed, almost all the sessions proceeded with or without the original host. The mindset should be that we never cancel a session.
- Having at least a microphone was a big plus, especially for the groups with over 100 people. We were able to do this in most cases and willl include it in the planning next time.
- It would have been useful to have more visibility of the BoF's, perhaps a table or area where information could be obtained during the day as well as at night.
- The big signs with the consolidated BoF schedules were sorted for each night by room, they should be sorted by time.
- Change the website signup to allow easy consolidation and the listing of multiple hosts.
- There were some sessions that received a lot of votes but which were rejected by Microsoft as not being appropriate for various reasons. Although this was not a big problem it was would be nice to have it as open as possible which it was in almost every case.

If anyone has other feedback or comments on the BoF's, i'd be very interested in hearing it!