I know there are a lot of activities this evening but don't forget about the Birds of a Feather Sessions hosted by INETA (the International .NET Association).

BOF Sessions are fun, informal and interactive, refreshing after a day of listening to presentations.

At 9:00 PM there will be sessions on Managing Programmers (John Moody), Software Factories (Gunther Lenz), Writing Secure Code (Keith Brown), DotNetNuke (Shaun Walker), .NET vs. Java (Leo Shuster), Distributed Atomic Transcations (William Tay) and Avalon Extreme (Michale Latta).

Then at 10:15 PM the sessions are Designing for Service Orientation (Erik Johnson), INETA Today and Tommorrow (Damir Tomicic), Tablet PC, If you build it will they come? (Julie Lerman), .NET Code Protection (Gabriel Torok) and the Future of the Deep Coder (Doug Adams).

Unlike last night, the conference people assure us the buses will be running until 12:15 AM so there will not be a need to cut sessions short!