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January 2006 Entries

South Florida Code Camp 2006 - Birds of a Feather Sessions

After good successes for the past few years at both TechEd and PDC conferences, we are introducing the concept of “Bird of a Feather” sessions to Code Camp.

These are not presentations but rather, an interactive discussion among people with similar interests.

Two sessions are planned, “Dot Net Nuke” and “Conversion to 2.0 .NET”

Dot Net Nuke is intended for people using or interested in using Dot Net Nuke. This community portal project that grew out of the I Buy Spy project has spread to a wide audience. Many shared hosting companies provide this as a free "component" or site builder. From a developers standpoint custom modules can be written and hundreds are now available both for free and for purchase.

Another session is "conversion to 2.0 .NET". At user group meetings and my own experience many people are converting (typically re-writing) applications from classic asp, asp.net 1.1, cold fusion, Delphi and other to .net. There are a number of issues and people are trying to make decisions. Come and share your questions, concerns and experiences.