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June 2006 Entries

Hands on Labs and Atlas (not...)

Hands on labs are much better this year but they are missing Atlas labs which everyone has questions about.

The MS people are doing Atlas demos at the ASP.NET kiosk in the Learning Center.


Teched Learning Center

My duties this week is three days at the “Techincal Learning Center”. Large numbers of Microsoft people hanging out and a smattering of MVP's (myself included).

I'm working in the web dev area and some traffic but not really that many people going by.

I'm loading and starting some work with Atlas while I hang here.

Have not been to any sessions but did do a hands on lab for windows workflow. Pretty good and they have improved the technology so it is easy to flip between the lab and the docs.


Teched 2006 - Ferry Service...

This time around for TechEd I'm staying with family on the south shore, Nantasket Beach in particular.

Monday I took the MBTA ferry from Quincy to Boston. Pretty good deal, pleasent boat ride, $1 for parking all day and $12 round trip for the boat.

The boat landed at the “aquarium” but really it is a dock on the north side of the Harbor Marriot. It took ~ 1/2 hour to walk to the convention center.

This morning (Tuesday)... I took the boat from Hingham, closer on both ends and definitly a shorter walk to the convention center.

It is interesting that they converted the old tresle bridge on Northern Ave to a pedestrian walkway only. This use to be the main drag out to the piers.

Unbelievable that the expressway is gone, last I was here 3 1/2 years ago, most of it was still up although they were starting to cut away the old iron and steel. Much easier for driving really. Comming out of the airport and depending on traffic, I use to take a short cut through East Boston the the Sumner tunnel. When I asked the car rental guy, he said, “oh, we don't use that tunnel any more“. So.. i took the Ted Williams and on different runs got very easily over to Sommerville (93 north to North Station) and south on 93.

Looks like I will be missing the extra curricular activites at Teched this year as I'm not staying any where near the action.