The MSDN event at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 yesterday ended with a big bang!

As Russ Fustino and Shervin Shakibi were doing the 2nd of 3 presentations in front of 300(?) people, a large bang shook the walls and shocked the crowd.

It sounded like a large garbage dumpster being dropped 10 stories to a concrete pad. It was unclear if it was a mechanical shock or explosion or if we should all be running for our  lives.

Amazingly, nobody paniced and except for a few all stayed in their seats while Russ and Shervin tried to continue. The distraction was people yelling somewhere in the back. After a few minutes I left the hall and to the mens room to see if anything was going on but there was no obvious activity.

After returning to the room, now maybe 10 minutes after the explosion, the word came that the fire department was evacuating the hotel due to a gas leak. At this point where I was sitting the smell of gas was very strong.

So we all evacuated and basically that was then end of the presentations!

The good news is that we started the pub club 2 hours early which was probably a good idea as this was Fat Tuesday and the Bahia Cabana was packed by 6pm.

Turns out it was a gas explosion and luckly nobody was hurt.

Shervin and Russ really blew this one!!