This is going to be one of my favorite features of Visual Studio!

I've been working with the new "Database Projects"  and have been very impressed.

You can import a schema and it will script all aspects of the database so it can be used to compare against. More importanttly it can be checked into source safe (or other source control system) as it is just a bunch of SQL scripts.

There are menu items for "Schema Compare" and "Data Compare" which is what I will use the most. It is very quick and easy now to point to a source and target database, do a schema compare and then select all or some of the differences to be "written" to the target datbase. The "Data Compare" is the same but for the actual table contents. I believe you can adjust what it uses to do the compare but I have not dug into it yet.

One thing that it does not seem to do is that once you import a schema then change the source database, it does not seem to want to be able to use the schema project as a destination, I will investigate this more.