Spending the day at the Emerging Business Showcase in Deerfield Beach, FL just north of Ft Lauderdale. It is put on each year by the Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida (EDC)  (http://www.edc-tech.org/)  and strategically held just a few miles from my house and a block from my office, what planning!

The purpose is really just to get a bunch of venture capital, angel investors, lawyers and bankers together and the highlight is 14 startups giving  short (3 min) presentations / demos of their product and what they are looking for money and partner wise.

Christos M. Cotsakos, Ph.D., Founder, Chairman & CEO of Pennington Ventures, LLC is the keynote speaker.

I like it, he uses the term “Vulture Capitalists”. He is advising entrepreneurs to pay more attention to the people behind the money than the money itself.

Points out that Florida is one of the best small business environments in the country but near the bottom of availability of money.


He is not a Microsoft supporter (did mention .net  but that Microsoft charges huge fees) and probably correct that increasingly more young people will use free tools no matter what Microsoft offers. Although I don’t think anyone gives Microsoft enough credit in the open space environment and pretty much all the tools are available for free… visual studio express, sql server express and now the http://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/ initiative to give startups lots of free software and support for free.

Shameless plug… our user group is a network provider in this program: http://www.fladotnet.com/MSBizSpark.aspx

Now he is complaining that Florida developers are all .net so they had to go to India to get php / mysql people. I feel like an Obama supporter in a room full of republicans.. probably true too… Heavy suit tie group, i’m one of the only people in civi’s.

Companies each get three minutes:

Accellogic - Simulation acceleration, hardware?? he is not really saying what the technology or product is. Looking for future partners.

AccuBreak - Pharmaceutical product to allow tables to be broken into smaller pieces in a reliable way.

Arkiva - Asset management, external hard drives, internet backups, documents, video tapes, etc. Digital storage and conversion.

CatalRoom - Online poker for people to play with each other, win prizes in demographically separate areas, golf, travel, etc.

CHS Pharma -Early stage, developing multiple drugs. Skin and pre-cancel skin conditions and another is an over the counter sun protection.

CuRNA -Scrippts Florida spinout. Drugs for heart disease and cancer. Based on RNAI interference, knocks down one specific cell type.

Cyclone Power - Modern steam engine, small compact power to weight ratio. Many fuels in. Burn in a centrifugal at low pressures. Range of product  80 watt to 1 mega watt. Late stage prototype. Available late 2009. Looking for $5 mil.

Evolux Transportation - Tech at Georgia tech, FIT aerospace and cs at FAU simulations for helicopter / tilt-rotor to use existing infrastructure. Need $5.5 mil immediately.

Linxter  -Secure and reliable communications. Cloud middleware. Looking for acquisition end of 2009.

radWebTech -Distributed world is dictating information sharing making managing many portals like facebook, myspace, etc all in one place. Data portability and interoperability. International Data Portability Association. Looking for $500k. http://www.dataportability.org/.

RoboVault -Self storage, deliver storage items to the user and biometric security. Storage is separate from access.  Transports from secure storage to access area. In Davie.. $60 - $100 mil to build more.

ScriptRx -Print electronic prescriptions, discharge instructions, especially in ER rooms and urgent care centers. New version has med records, drug dispenser.

Virsona - Give customized persona to automation / communications on the web. Help desk, customer service, licensing to 3d virtual worlds.

World Response Group - Green tech human hair, clean, sanitize, smart mat to allow eco friendly growing, polymat replacement. Need $500k

Ok, i need to talk about the lunch speaker talking about the new age of space exploitation.

Jeff Krukin (http://www.jeffkrukin.com/) is a space futurist talking about the existing companies in the private sector that are starting and some are making money.

A number of these i’m aware of but the http://www.rocketracingleague.com   i was not aware of. They are starting a NASCAR type of organization for atmospheric rocket racing. Just move the racetrack into the sky. Is a earth to moon and back race very far away??

Sub-orbital and even round the trips to the moon are in the works for private citizens.

Buy his book! –> http://www.jeffkrukin.com/NewSpace-Nation-2008/