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October 2010 Entries

Murach’s HTML, XHTML, and CSS–Anne Boehm–ISBN 978-1-890774-57-8

If you have not looked at Murach’s books you should!

They have a very convenient format, geared for training with two facing pages, the left with text and the right with an example with lists and descriptions.

This book should get someone started on HTML and basic web pages, it covers html through some javascript and into simple website design and deployments.

For me not much was new but I did pick up a few things including a better understanding of CSS floating div’s and how to use them.

Another interesting chapter was working with print and mobile devices. We have just been working on some very difficult print formatting that this might have helped with.

The view point is primarily from that of a designer with a Mac tendency.

There was a lot of talk about things that only work on IE 7 and above (rightfully so..)… the message that might have been presented more strongly is that IE 6 and below is not in common use and should be avoided.

September 2010 statistics from http://www.w3counter.com are:

Internet Explorer 8 27.48%
Firefox 3.6 23.60%
Internet Explorer 7 10.03%
Chrome 6 8.32%
Internet Explorer 6 5.78%
Safari 5 4.24%
Firefox 3.5 4.20%
Chrome 5 2.58%
Firefox 3 2.13%
Safari 4 1.10%

HTML 5 is touched on and I’m sure the next version of the book will cover that in more detail.

Media wise, flash, windows media and real audio are covered but curiously no mention of Silverlight but maybe that is just my own more Microsoft focus.

In any case I can definitely recommend this book for anyone, even with almost no experience of knowledge of html. There are recommendations for some tools and how to install them in the appendix.