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[Warning: stream of consiousness]

Next month I am going to be speaking to students at my alma mater, Baker University. There are a lot of things that I want to pass on to these young people, but I am not sure what to say. I have learned so very much since I graduated from university five years ago, and I have taken such a different path than most that I am afraid that what I want to convey won't be heard. I am not afraid that I won't be heard really, there will be a few awakened minds there that will hear me, I just want to reach as many as possible.

The students will be in the disciplines of Business, Accounting, Economics and Computer Science which while an odd pairing lends itself very well to my background. Some of the things I want to touch on are the essence of "Getting Real" of "Failing Fast" and the words of Paul Grahm who has been a huge influence to me as of late. I want to talk about reading voraciously, I want to talk about service to the community (something I don't do enough of), I want to talk about how to not be a zombie in this awesome thing called life. I want to talk about TED and Malcom Gladwell. I want to talk about so many things that it becomes off topic.

What do I do? I have so many things I want to communicate and precious few people to communicate them to. I guess that's what so attractive about the blogosphere. Thanks to you reader I can finally thrust my thoughts on to an audience that collectively will always know more than me on every subject. As humbling as that may seem, it feels me with a real desire to tap that source of power and to suck as much out as possible.

I must have spent eight hours today reading on the web, and I can see how people get addicted to this stuff. But I truely love the concept of RSS (even though I prefer ATOM) it allows me so much freedom that I can subscribe to all of these random people that force me to think. Man, I just can't even keep my thoughts in order at this point,

So in closing to this off-topic and random brain dump, please leave a comment about anything I should share with others or consume myself.


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