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OpenSocial: A Standard for the Social Web Patrick Chanezon, Kevin Marks, Chris Schalk (Google) OpenSocial is an open specification defining a common API that works on many different social website... Meet the OpenSocial Containers Patrick Chanezon (Google), Paul Linder (hi5), Kevin Tom (iGoogle), Sachin Rekhi (imeem), Max Newbould (MySpace), Manu Rekhi (Orkut), Eric Staats (AOL), Brandon Duncan...
OpenSocial Across Containers Arne Roomann-Kirruk and Lane LiaBraaten (Google) OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs that developers can learn in order to create applications that run on multipl... OpenSocial, OpenID, and OAuth: Oh, My! Joseph Smarr (Plaxo) A number of emerging technologies will soon collectively enable an open social web in which users control their information and it can f...
OpenSocial Specification: What's Next for OpenSocial David Glazer (Google) OpenSocial is an open specification established by a group of social sites and application developers. While OpenSocial v... Best Practices for Spreading Your App without Ruining the User Experience Vivian Li, Chris Schalk and Kevin Marks (Google) The OpenSocial API provides features that application developers can use ...

Apache Shindig: Make your Social Site an OpenSocial Container Dan Peterson (Google), Paul Lindner (hi5) and Chris Chabot ( Shindig is a new project in the Apache Software Foundation ...


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