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The problem?

Performing a build on a ClickOnce solution would not be successful due to the setup.bin not being located.

Ok, now what?

Researched from corner to corner, install, re-install, update.  Found some interesting posts to fix the issue, but most of them were focused on Team Foundation Server/Team Build 2008, and some other on 2005.  The other interesting tidbit was the frequent indication to modify the registry to help Team Build find the bootstrapper.

Background info:  This was a migration I posted about a few days ago, a 32 bit TFS implementation to a full 64 bit TFS implementation.  Now, the project has binaries and dependencies on X86 (This piece of information became essential to moving from a failed build to a successful build).

So, what’s the fix?

The trick in this case was to go back into the Build Type and check the properties/configuration.  Upon further investigation, I found the following:  Once you Edit the Build Definition, then select Process, expand 3. Advanced and look for MSBuild Platform, switch from Auto to X86.  Ran the Build, and success!


Posted on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 8:23 PM TFS , Visual Studio | Back to top

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