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One of the things that I have really enjoyed in the process of working with SQL Azure is the SQL Azure Management options. Mind you, it does not have a built-in backup tool, yes there are other options.

redgate SQL Azure Backup

Currently, Red Gate has a SQL Azure Backup tool (since it is Beta, it is free for the time being).

Obviously, in order to use the tool the network/ip address from which you will be connecting has to be enrolled into the Azure Firewall for your account.

The first step … connect.


Next, Start Backup


And then it completes.

SQL Server Management Studio

With SQL Server Management Studio is a matter of adjusting the way we refer to backups.  Why?  It is not a one stop process, there will be several steps we need to complete.  And that process is (the easiest I have found) to run SQL Azure Backup, which in essence is performing a transfer of the SQL Azure DB to your local server.  Once the DB is on your local SQL Server Instance.  We proceed with the Backup tool or T-SQL statements to have the backup process complete.


Again, just food for thought, and it is an area that keeps on evolving.

UPDATE:  As I said, it keeps evolving.  Make sure you also give the Import/Export features announced at TechEd 2011


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