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As an MCT it is always exciting when I travel to conferences because it becomes a reunion.  Well, one more chance this year to make it so, but this time (unlike the last MCT Summit) I am also presenting.  Thanks to Chris Harrison (@GeekTrainer) for the gentle nudge!  Follow @MCTSummitNA too!

The topics I will be presenting are (at least the ones I got confirmation on):

Requirements Management: From Vision to Mission to Success

Session Level: 300

Team Foundation Server and SharePoint Technologies have proven to provide excellent support to each other.  SharePoint has been used as a repository for the documentation supporting projects and solutions in TFS. This session’s focus is on making SharePoint more than a repository and more of a Requirements Management Engine that feeds from the Work Item information in TFS.  The goal is identify the purpose of a project or solution, translate it to requirements, let the requirements provide a foundation for quality control and release management.

Does Visual Studio LightSwitch have a place in the SharePoint Ecosystem?

Session Level: 300

Ah the smell of a new product, but it comes with a twist.  Producing SharePoint LOB Applications you say?  How?  An alternative to InfoPath Forms?  Let's walk down the road of understanding what this all means and how to treat SharePoint as a data repository, not only reading but placing data back in it.  Like many things, we want it better yet easier.  How does this fit?  SharePoint provides Lists and Libraries, LightSwitch consumes Lists and Libraries.  There is place and a time, let's discover it together!

If Dr. Seuss explained the Cloud

Session Level: 200

Many times when we look at the many things that carry the Cloud premise instead of feeling it has cleared it up, we are more confused than when we started.  Surely it does not help hearing "To the Cloud" at every turn.  What if we took a spin through stories like Green Eggs and Ham or maybe Oh the places you would go?  There are interesting points in understanding what the premise of "The Cloud" is.

Windows Azure Inside, Outside, Inside Out.

Session Level 300

What is Azure?  How does it work?  Can I do that in Azure?

All those are valid questions as we see the needs to think about applications in a different manner.  From understanding roles to storage to monitoring, this will address many of the different sides of Windows Azure that will help you in designing and developing applications that will live in the Windows Azure environment.

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