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We have gone through several iterations of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit in the past, and while it was not a complex process to get up and running for me, well that was not the story for many.  I had the chance of participating in a Windows Azure Bootcamp, and while the attendees were aware of the requirements on the systems, well it was not as easy to get going.

You can get the October refresh here:

I believe that is the reason for the Web Installer, it works together with the Web Platform Installer and here is what it looks like …

Initial license screen, I will accept.


Then I can select the specific content, (or all content), I can also have an idea of the size of download for the items I selected.


I then get a description of the process that needs to take place, I agree to terms again.


Then the first step will take place, and that is to configure installation options …


Then, based on our content selection (mainly driven by the Labs and Demos we picked), we get a dependency check and assistance to install the dependency (PRETTY COOL!!!)


Now, depending on the number of dependencies the process will take some time to complete and make sure your system is ready for the full experience.

Then the installation for the content starts.


Once it completes, click Next


And close


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