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This phone view rock! it's the best phone I've ever owned bar none!

I have a colleague in England that just loves mobile phones, in fact he loves them so much he changes to the latest and greatest phone as soon as one ships (well close to as soon).  So he had a tablet full of "old" phones ;-) that where gathering dust.  We meet through a training program in Seattle and became good friends.  One day he was looking at his tablet full of phones and decided that it would be great if his old phones could live long and prosperous lives in the hands of care and loving geeks since they weren't used anymore.  So he stared a hand-me down program where he gave his "old" phones to colleagues that would use them.  What you need to understand is that the MS mobile phones in the UK are way less expensive than in the States or Canada so it's great to be able to have this kind of hardware.  The first phone I got through the program was the e200 which was great I very much enjoyed it and it is now in the hands of another geeks happily using it since last Tuesday.  The new phone I got is the I-mate Jam and well it's a great phone

THANK YOU Steve for actually thinking of doing this you are the BEST!!



"It's all good!"

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