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13:30 EST – Day 26, on the plane back home from Kokomo, it was a short trip, I left Monday and I’m already going back home.  There a was a welcome change of plan that happened yesterday, instead of going to Winnipeg next Monday we are pushing the date to July a week after we come back from India.  This will let me spend next week in Montreal, I have been away for the last 3 weeks and this will be great to spend time with my family before the going for another 4 weeks.  I should be able to attend the user group night to see Jerome talk so that will be fun.

So how was Kokomo, well it’s a small town (nobody knew the population ;-) cause none of them live in Kokomo, they all live around Indianapolis).  So you ask me what is there to see in Kokomo, well, hum.., err,… The stump and the steer.  So the stump is a big tree stump in a glass gazebo (where we can only see it from outside) that is a 200 year tree that supposedly represents the size of trees in Indiana at that time (or before).  It’s pretty big but a stump… anyway, the steer on the other hand is well, err, a big bull (without equipment), and it’s well big.  The steer, name appropriately Big Ben was said to be the biggest bull of its time weighing in at 4,500 pounds, I guess that’s big I would know I don’t know anything about bulls ;-).  So we also went to the Strawberry festival on Thursday and ate a large (notice how everything is big, large, etc in the US) bowl of strawberry shortcake (little cake, one pound of ice cream and a big scoop of strawberry) that was fun.  Oh and did I mention that it rained all week with some electrical storms to boot!

The sessions went well as usual our little trio is getting better and better at delivering the material.  Everyone again is can’t wait to use the tools. 

Interspersed between sessions on Tuesday I also delivered my first webcast, I just got the reviews now and I’m happy with them.  I didn’t think I did so well.  I may listen to myself again but in a few months now right now.

So there you have it, I have a week at home then off to Boston for Tech-ED (this will be great to meet the other MVP that will be present and chat with folks) to actually attend sessions instead of giving them.  This will be fun.  I’ll try to give my taught on that also in two weeks.  Then the amigos are off to the UK, Egypt, India and finally Winnipeg.

Stay tuned.


The Frenchman

Ps I don’t have any pictures to share of Kokomo… I know it’s a shame Camera Man didn’t rear its head in Kokomo.

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