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23:55 (Cairo time) Day 49 – We have left the relative cold of Wales (18C) to the scorching heat of Cairo (35C) man what a shock to start with. But let’s back up a few days, after our last talk in Swansea, I got to install a local TFS instance and found an interesting but I will talk about in the next post, after that was done, we got out and started our Wales sightseeing experience by going to Worms Head to have a pint and a sunset ;-). It’s quite a nice place and we watched the Brazilians win 4-1 against the Japanese. Got a few shots of the place too, I have a gallery of Wales here. Friday we had our only day off and went to visit two Castles, Kidwelly and Caerphilly. So how do 3 guys in a car go to these locations, well you whip out the GPS obviously, ahh ain’t technology great… when it work ;-). So Aaron’s device worked to get us the Kidwelly and we got to visit the castle. I was their (Aaron and Wayne’s) first castle so it was fun seeing them enjoy the sight for the first time. I have visited numerous castle both in England and in France and I truly like seeing them because the feeling you get when you’re inside is well hard to describe… the history, the fact people used the be living in there 1000 years ago… it’s hard to describe. So back to technology, as we are about to leave Kidwelly to go to Dinefwr (another castle we were supposed to go to) the GPS device buggered off, it wouldn’t work, So I said no problem I got my laptop in the back and started Vista… doh! I hadn’t install the GPS device, which we did and at least I had Mappoint Europe so we plotted to that castle, and off we went, while we are going, Aaron got the device to work again so we flipped back to that one, well he had plotted the wrong location and GPS Lady (the voice in the GPS) brought us right there, using the fastest possible way, literally… see here, let me tell you sandman was not in his comfort zone… ;-). I have done a similar trek with my good mate Steve last year and let me tell you, you hope no one else is coming the other way because there is no real place to move to the side. So after the off road trek, we ended up in a village way off of our intended destination. Instead of going back to see Dinefwr, we proceeded to Caerphilly and spent around 1.5h wandering the castle. The two castle were very similar and we had a great time. We then drove back to Swansea to relax a bit since our plane was at 6:20am the next day and we had a 3h drive back to Heathrow to take the plane and we need to be 3h in advance because of the international flight (isn’t everything out of Heathrow and international flight ;-)). Off we went at midnight to leave for Cairo… Next part Egypt.

All and all a great sojourn into the United Kingdom!



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