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Hello all, in my various installs of TFS I’ve been doing while on the road I’ve encountered one unusual problem, if you use “ (double quote) in your password for either the service account or reporting account the setup will fail ?? I went but this was not apparent to me at first because I didn’t think I had a double quote in my password (I was installing in the UK where the keyboard is different). All was well in Windows (it don’t care, it’s just another special character) but TFS it cared and failed the setup. After spending an hours trying to figure out why the error message kept saying I had the wrong password, I changed the password and all installed fine. Hope this will help someone in the future.

Next although the install manual states you need a domain user with admin rights to install TFS I have installed with the local admin for the longest time without problems (until this week). But in all fairness I have always don’t workgroup install until then. We the setup dialog let’s you go and enter all the service info (It even validates the passwords and stop if they are not good) and starts the install but fail in the middle saying invalid service account again ?? I let me go through the whole setup dialog but failed not a very good experience. The moral is simple here everyone, follow what the manual says and use a domain user ;-).

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