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So today an internal Team decided to move to our corporate TFS instance (nothing new there) the crux was that they are running a mix of VB6, VS2003 projects.  I say "Hey no problem you guys can use the MSSCCI Provider for TFS and it should work like a charm!" so after our conversation I remembered that I had not tried this at home like they say, I have been using VSTS (2005) and have not worked on a legacy project in a while.  So off I go and download the MSSCCI Provider and install it in VM (that can connect to the corp server).  Now I stop and wonder how I will test this... I decide to download VB6 since it's more lightweight then VS03 to install.  I install VB6 + SP6 and then start VB...

...Nothing there, I look around can't find anything with TFS anywhere... a bit perplexed I go to the forum and type "VB" and find a post on wanting to change back to VSS after installing the TFS provider, I jump in there and wam! I fall on this link to Ed Hintz about how to do just that.  Now I figured what happened is since in installed VB "After" the TFS MSSCCI provider it put back VSS as it's provider.  I run then the second command from Ed's post

reg add HKLM\Software\SourceCodeControlProvider /v ProviderRegKey /d "Software\Microsoft\Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider" /f

to "put back" the TFS Provider as the default ... then start VB again.  Well then that was a pretty sight my old trusty friend VB with a link to TFS.  Life was good.

I then proceeded to create a little project and add it to TFS.  Very cool that we see the same dialog as in VS05 (with the Source Control channels) and as a bonus we can pick work items!!! How very cool!!! I then added my VB6 project and all was good.  I can view history, compare versions, I can get normally or exclusively by changing a few params in the Team Foundation Properties or options from under the tools->Team Foundation (how cool is that TFS in VB6) menu.


So I have to say I'm quite impressed with the provider. 

Lessons learned: If you need to change provider (VS03, VB6, VP9, other MSSCCI apps) follow the indication in Ed's post, Use it, it works and you can store you most important asset (your source) into trusty TFS for safekeeping.


Good work guys,



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