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Well as promised here are a few pictures of Seoul in the rain.  I hope the sun will be back before I leave so I can take a few pictures with sunlight in them ;-).  But before the pictures, Day 4 just finished and we saw the presentations from the 6 finalists (see my previous post for pictures).  They where all extremely good considering there was 500 people in the room in front of them and 4 VIP judges from the UNESCO, British Telecom, Academia amongst others.  I don't know I could have performed that well those student are really amazing.  Tomorrow we'll finally know who the big winner is.... stay tuned.  Ok now for the pictures.

Imagine Cup 2007 054

Imagine Cup 2007 058

Imagine Cup 2007 068

Imagine Cup 2007 104

Imagine Cup 2007 152

Go see my flickr profile here for more.

Well that's all for now.... tomorrow, the results.


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