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I really meant to post about ImageCup but when I came back I went strait to vacation and now it feels like ages ago.  I was a great competition again this year.  I’m always impressed by the quality of the ideas that the student come up with.  We saw things like water management off farms (the winners), electricity consumption solution, home automation, CO2 monitoring, controlled species monitoring, and much more, the subject being creating a sustainable environment those are pretty big problems to tackle.  It’s the second time I judge for the IC and for the second time it was really great.  This year we had a single pool for all the team and that way the top 12 teams where indeed the top 12 teams.  I was a little sceptic at first but in the end I think it was best for everyone.

Next year it’s in Cairo Egypt, I’m really looking forward to participating again.  The judging will be much harder since it’s an open theme, so it’s going to be hard to compare and note.  Should be exiting though.

Until next year, here is a picture of the winners team SOAK Australia.

Those are all the winners

This was the announcement of the Cairo competition…



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