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So I saw this article on CNET:

My favorite part is

“Taylor said he expects that targeting Linux sellers such as Red Hat and Novell will be persuasive to software customers. However, he said Microsoft recognizes that it will have to use different tactics for capturing the interest of students and programmers, where the philosophical appeal of open-source software can rival pragmatic considerations.

"We've got to figure out the coolness factor a little bit," Taylor said of Microsoft's efforts to build student involvement. So far, Microsoft's response has been to try to shape curriculum and engage student interest with programming contests such as Imagine Cup.”

HAHAHA-ROFL What is he talking about? Does he have any idea how to get student interest. You can't fix things by adding coolness. Hey I just graduated college and the coolness factor isn't going to get you no where. Students are smart thats why they are at college. Show them the options and they will make the right decisions. The problem isn't the philosophical appeal of open-source... it that is what a college student is used to. A college student gets exposed to open-source software more than they do Microsoft software.

Imagine Cup is a good idea but did I ever hear about this while in college, NO! What does Microsoft really need to do? Make an impact on the campus. Do several big events a year on each campus. Have your student representatives do a lot more. Shouldn't the Microsoft student representative run a .NET user group. Not once did I see anything about one will I was in college. Coolness will not win over the hearts of student programmer, the product will. If they are in a dark closet for 4 years the likelihood of them saying lets try Microsoft will be small. Microsoft be smart and just give them the opportunity to open the door.

Hey dint get me wrong I hope Martin succeeds and does win over the hearts of the college student. Because those college students go into the work force and push Microsoft technologies. I love Microsoft but sometimes I see things like this and cant help but giggle.

PS - Martin feel free to contact me.

Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2004 9:30 AM | Back to top

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