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Scoble say more people are joining Microsoft the new IBM band wagon. Microsoft has recently been shown in this light, but I see a turn around in the way Microsoft is on the verge of a turning point. Where do I see this inflection point coming from? The MSN search team, I think this team deserves Microsoft's most responsive team of the year award (if there is such a thing). When the MSN Toolbar Suite and the Beta web site was released, the team actively searched the web to see what people where talking about and quickly fixed what they could. Most importantly they answered all questions regarding their tools. The MSN search team has also reached out to the user community in a big ways, the msnsearch's WebLog and now a great MSN Search Wiki. Microsoft is full of smart people, I think they realize that this model has been hugely successful and will try apply it to the rest of the company, saving themselves from being called the next IBM.

Posted on Monday, January 10, 2005 9:33 AM | Back to top

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