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I have been thinking about the File and WSS (SharePoint) adapters, as they can be very similar in the way they are used to store information. When storing information you have to think about how this information will be accessed and used. There are two ways of accessing files in a file store or SharePoint; search and browse. If you use search then all your file can be 'stuffed' into one location as your search can take care of getting the correct information back to you. On the other hand you can browse through the folders to find information. If you 'stuff' a location with documents it would become close to impossible find anything. In this case you must organize these documents into a folder structure (ex by customer).

So how do the File and WSS (SharePoint) adapters work in these scenarios. If you are going to "stuff" documents into a folder then you are set, both of these adapters do this well. These adapter will also work well if your folder structure is static and will never change. The place where the adapters seem to fall short is if you have  the need for a dynamic structure that will be added to as needed.

Now maybe I am not seeing something, but how does BizTalk in conjunction with the adapters take care of this. As far as I am aware  BizTalk will not automatically create a folder if the folder does not already exists (please set me straight if I am wrong). If this is true, I don't see a reason that they shouldn't. There should be an option, maybe called "Create folder". If this option is true it will create the folder when needed. If this option is false it will error and not create the folder.

The main reason I got thinking about this is that SharePoint recommends not having more than 1000 file in 1000 folders per document library. So if you don't user a folder structure that supports this SharePoint performance can degrade. Similarly if you put several thousand document in a folder on your hard drive it will effect explorer's performance.

Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2005 4:14 PM | Back to top

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