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Whew ... I can finally talk about it!

For about 2 or 3 months now, I have been working on a Microsoft/Reuters joint ad campaign that is going to be coming out in about a week and a half, but which was announced only this week in San Francisco. Microsoft is doing their first ad campaign focused on Windows Server System - a brand that encompasses quite a few components (such as Windows Server, SQL, BizTalk, etc.). The focus of the ad was to focus on what real people in real companies are doing with Windows Server System. Reuters was one of the four companies which the ad campaign focuses on. We focused on the remote manageability of our new RAPID platform at Reuters. The RAPID platform (Reuters Architecture for Product Integration and Delivery), is the single architecture that we developed to build the next generation of our products upon. These are financial services products that help brokers, investment bankers, financial analysts, etc. We actually have servers in more than 50,000 customer sites around the world and we are working on a remote management initiative for these servers. Presently we manage 10's of thousands of these servers remotely from St. Louis. Therefore, as stated in the ad, we can have a team of four remotely manage EVERYTHING about 3,000 servers (installation, configuration, updates, and problem solving) at once. Pretty powerful stuff - a money and time saver for Reuters and a money and time saver for our customers.

I was the technical lead on the ad campaign and the associated case study and video that is going with it. I was with Microsoft in SFO when they launched the ad campaign to the press. I was able to do around 10 interviews with the press and I noticed a few articles start to appear online:

Microsoft Pitches 'Human Side' of Windows Server System
eWeek - Jan 29, 2004
Microsoft Corp. will put a more human face on its upcoming global
multimillion advertising program for its Windows Server System. ...

No Windows Server Shipped Before Its Time - Jan 30, 2004
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Next week, Microsoft will launch a print and
ad campaign centered on its Windows Server System in response ...

The google list of articles can be found here. The two-page ad will appear in around 30 countries for about 5 months. I can't wait till the first one is out there. When I get a photo of the ad, I will try and post it here.

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