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The pre-keynote videos and presentation was in a lot lower key than previous TechEds that I have attended. Steve Ballmer was introduced and got a light amount of applause. There weren’t the funny videos that we have seen in the past, which was a strange exclusion I thought.


Some notes I took of Steve Ballmer’s speech:


  • MSFT will spend 6.8 billion (USD) on R&D this year. Thoughts: Geez, that is a heck of a lot of money. In fact, he said that only Pfizer spends more on R&D than Microsoft.
  • The next 10 years will bring a tremendous amount of innovation.
  • He mentioned Longhorn as something in this 10 year gap of time that will be rather innovative.
  • Though, the Longhorn priority has been lowered to get out Windows XP SP2.
  • Steve Ballmer started working for MSFT 24 years ago.
  • When he started, it was all about features, features, features. Though it is still about features, features, features – it is now more about listen, listen, listen (to the customer that is). Thoughts: These repetitive words he was saying was reminding me of the videos on the Internet of him yelling “DEVELOPER, DEVELOPER, DEVELOPER”. I was afraid that he was going to do it again, but he didn’t.
  • The Dr. Watson error reporting system (“Do you want to report this error to Microsoft?”) will be built into the developer tools so that developers can build systems that will use the same system. This will allow developers and companies to track information and statistics on what is wrong with the applications/platforms that they build.
  • Security is JOB #1
  • They are working hard on fighting Spam. We all need to convince customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest applications and OS systems to fight hackers and spam.
  • Steve showed a world with Visual Studio, Office, Windows Server System, .NET and Great Plains stuff all connected with XML Web services as the Microsoft world.
  • Microsoft focuses on three entities: the application developer, the IT Pro, and the Business Information worker.
  • Microsoft is building a world that is not a closed environment.
  • Working with standards bodies such as OASIS and the
  • XML Web services are an architectural way of doing interop.
  • Rebecca Dias did an outstanding demo showing the ease of implementing a WSE 2.0 architecture with secure web services that provided information to an Outlook application. This was an outstanding demo and she did a great job. It was kind of funny when she said that it was easy “for a retard like me.” And then Steve B. started laughing and said, “Not too PC, but that is ok.”
  • Forrester reports that over 50% of the US developers use .NET
  • New VSIP partners include Oracle, SAP and TIBCO. Thoughts: This was interesting news as TIBCO is an ex-Reuters company.
  • Win32 vs. .NET: 67% of the developers think that .NET is more reliable. 76% think that .NET is more performant.
  • Next year is SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005
  • This will embrace XML as a data type.
  • Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Doing modeling, testing, and deployment directly from VS.
  • Doing pretty class diagrams, etc.
  • Unit testing code directly in VS.
  • VS integrated load testing with underlying hardware and architecture defined. (this was cool).
  • For the business info worker: use Sharepoint.
  • Search will improve at the enterprise level and the desktop level.
  • Working hard on CRM, ERP and SCM.
  • Customer examples of usage of .NET: Merlo Worldwide, McGraw Hill Construction, and Robertson Research Institute.
  • Microsoft’s competitors are: IBM, Java and Linux.
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Great commentary. I wish I was there, but keep it up.
Left by Jeff Julian on May 24, 2004 12:00 PM

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