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I just got an email from Microsoft stating that their public UDDI registry is shutting down. Interesting. It really wasn't ever useful as much of the data in it was bogus data. It is good that it is shutting down for this reason. UDDI is better used within the enterprise.

It also seems that IBM is shutting theirs down at the same time:


You are receiving this mail because you have 
registered as a publisher on the Microsoft test node of the
UDDI Business Registry (UBR). The primary goal of the UBR was to
prove the interoperability and robustness of the UDDI specifications
through a public implementation. This goal was met and far exceeded, and now
the UBR is discontinuing its operations. As part of this process the
Microsoft UBR node at will be permanently
unavailable for all operations beginning January 12, 2006. Data stored in
the UBR may be retrieved until January 12, 2006 and used in accordance
with the UDDI Business Registry terms of use available at
You may find the UDDI Data Export Wizard useful for
retrieving your data, and it is available here:
. For more information, please see the
frequently asked questions related to the UBR discontinuation at
You may submit feedback to Microsoft at the following location: Thank You, Microsoft UDDI Team
Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 3:00 PM Microsoft | Back to top

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# re: Microsoft's Public UDDI Registry Is Shutting Down
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I also do appreciate that the mentioned companies are shutting down their UDDIs. But I would also like to clearely state out that a UDDI/Repository is today something you need more than at any time before.
Also pure UDDI can be useful at the beginning of you SOA implemenaHotions. However, please make sure that you manage your UDDI so don't end up with a mess of entries. Managing Services is basically just about managing assets as you do with any other assets as well.
Left by Oliver on Jan 05, 2006 1:55 AM

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